Determined Yamaha Launches Many New Models in the Year 2012!
In 2011, Yamaha Indonesia is like a lack of passion. There is no model that is really new, the manufacturer launched this tuning fork logo. But in 2012, Yamaha Indonesia is determined to rise.

"Last year Yamaha instead of sleeping, but we designed the preparation for 2012. The right time to release the true power with weapons of products made ​​with high quality, "I Eko Prabowo, General Manager of Marketing Communications and Community Head Yamaha Indonesia.

"Everything is for customer satisfaction, so it is not just throwing products on the market. We also emphasize on the service and after sales to consumers," he said through a press release received by the editor.

In 2012, the Yamaha targeting an increase in sales compared to last year. Overall Yamaha's total sales from January to December 2011 was 3,147,873 units.

The optimistic target would be achieved given the existence of new products are released plus the technology Fuel Injection (FI) Yamaha that has been designed for a long time.

Closest, Yamaha is rumored to be soon launched skubek retro Yamaha Fino and Mio with the latest technology YMJET-FI.


125cc maxi-scooter that reduce fuel consumption (fuel saver) first produced in Thailand, PCX 125i equipped with the latest Honda CV-Matic (V-belt variable transmission) and Honda PCX 125i is a Hybrid motor (acceleration of 0km / h is activated by electrical motor), which save fuel. The overall look of the Honda PCX scooter has a smart, luxurious look and one of the larger Honda scooters. Price is not known with certainty, but some people who said they would not away with the price of Honda Blade. New Honda PCX created for riders who want a compact, Economical, the advantages of this 125cc scooter is a modern, fashionable look like a big-engined matic. In every aspect, ranging from a low noise, low emission operation for easy handling and contemporary images, PCX Honda motor is designed as a practical, fast and fun ride, many say that this will be coming soon matic in Indonesia, we will see what the name big for this bike here, whether to stick with the name of PCX or another.


Honda's new CV-Matic, Honda's first scooter Honda PCX also equipped with Honda's new CV-Matic, reliable design that is V-belt transmission, which offers ease of transmission without unnecessary loss of energy.
Electric Starter, In addition, PCX will be the world's first 125 cc model which will be equipped with a cell that incorporates the ACG starter motor and alternating current generator and helps achieve the compact engine size and a significant reduction in noise when the engine-Strater. Honda PCX is equipped with an electric starter, the new redesigned system PGM-FI (fuel injection) will support the PCX 125i in all weather, humidity and temperature, although no kick starter, just in case you forget to turn off the lights so that your battery is worn out. Like most Honda, PCX is equipped with a key slot cover for better protection against theft.
Start-Stop System, "idling stop systemi," which automatically stops the engine when the motor is stopped temporarily, was adopted to improve fuel efficiency (except for the American model.) Moreover, PCX accordance with Emission Standards, in addition to the current emission standards waste in Japan, Europe and the United States by Honda (PGM-FI) and the catalyst (catalyst) is installed in the exhaust.
CBS (Combined Brake System), all PCX models will be equipped with CBS (Combined Brake System for front and rear wheels) which helps achieve stable braking performance. The communication system decides standby hydraulic binder with 3 piston brake system structure of the new PCX. Companies can buy a hydraulic brake system. That comes with 3 cylinders. Which is used for the first time in Thailand. may be similar to European safety standards.
Anti-Theft Alarm System, Anti-Theft Alarm System with remote control alarm system. Built on a new standard anti-theft system integrated with a motorcycle. Sending voice and alarm system immediately. When the vehicle is moving or there is a vibration.
dark-colored scooter windshield gives a modern image and provide wind protection for riders. Integrating the sleek contours of the front perfectly.
dual headlight design, slim, slanting upward-indicators, giving an exclusive look ahead.
High-Tech instrument panel, speedometer needle that has a dial on the machine, this cockpit is also equipped with an innovative indicator switches to Idle Stop the engine, fuel indicator and practical easy to read, add a feel of modern vehicles.
Combining a low seat height and length, breadth footrest create safe and relaxed, complete the trip felt that the performance is smooth. Comfortable seat back incorporates support for the rider and the pillion generous.
In the trunk under the seat, a lockable storage compartment can hold full-face helmet with room to spare.
Comfortable glove box provided on the front. If more storage space required, the rear carrier can also carry optional 26-liter top box.


operate with soft, smooth and not noisy.
With a lightweight, compact SOHC configuration, powerful, fast acceleration.
It also integrates a liquid cooling system (liquid cooling system) with a radiator built into the engine for compact size and lightweight.
Machine features the Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system that ensures smooth, smooth power delivery through V-belt transmission, while also reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
Honda PCX an impressive 46 kilometers per liter with Idle Stop, which means providing travel opportunities even though the distance to the gas station some distance to fill the tank of 6.2 liters.
The fuel efficiency of the engine which is supported by the addition of innovative Idle Stop Switch, a first for Honda. When the Idle Stop function is activated, the machine will automatically stop running after 3 seconds of idle. Then re-started when the throttle is twisted. Idle Stop mode is enabled or disabled through a convenient button on the right handlebar, and increase fuel efficiency another 5%.
Player of the gas at the Honda PCX truly computerized / electronic controls, unlike the carburetor motorcycle / scooter where wrist movement really opened something mechanical in the carburetor. For Honda PCX fully computer controlled, not by opening or closing mechanics when you open the throttle / gas, An electronic sensor that records the position of the throttle and the ECU signal, the ECU controls the fuel injection and Alternate-Current Cell starter-motor is strong enough to turn the machine before you can see it's actually - it is very difficult to hear that the machine is restarted because the starter motor with no sound incredible.

Honda PCX-based framework of tubular steel pipes Underbone. Complementing the low seat and footrest area is expanded, a wheelbase of 1305 mm to create a sense of easy, stable equilibrium. turning radius is short, reduced maneuver tight spaces.
High quality 14 "tires add comfortable journey. five-spoke cast aluminum wheels were stopped by the brakes with the subtlety of the Combined Brake System. This system equalizes the force is effectively applied to a 220mm front disc brake and drum brake drum are solid at the back, giving smooth, progressive braking that add stability and increase confidence.
Suspension system that was developed for ease of control and smooth comfort. A responsive a 31mm telescopic front fork and swingarm unit in accordance with the dual shock rear suspension combine to make sure a stable, cushioned.
PCX 125i technical specifications:

Recently developed with minimal friction
Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder 125 cc engine,
-Fuel Injection
-13.5PS @ 9000rpm
-11.10Nm @ 7000rpm
-125kg (dry weight)
-6.2L (fuel capacity)
-Excellent fuel economy at around 50km/liter (ECE 40 MODE).

HONDA PCX 125i color variants:

-Nighthawk Black
-Silverstone Metallic

By targeting young people. The shape is long, low and rounded front gives a unique style and dynamic expression of luxury. Yet, scooters 125 includes a variety of equipment safety and comfort: double optical light, low seat, step length, large luggage under the seat, glove box, full instrumentation on the scoreboard. all aiming for the driver and passenger comfort. (Source: from various sources)

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