Yamaha Jupiter MX CW 135cc

I finally decided to use motorcycles as transportation to and from work.

Although interested in the Kawasaki Ninja, my choice fell on the Yamaha Jupiter MX CW 135 CC. Motor duck type this, but using the manual clutch. Using the 135 CC with a power brake and front disc brake Tromol behind. This means that the type of CW use Velg racing.

From that I felt during the Jupiter MX, I feel comfortable and happy to use it. Although previous use more motor without clutch (SHOGUN and SupraX), over the use of a Jupiter MX is not too much different.

Had said that there is a Jupiter MX including this type of wasteful of fuel, but it's not that I use far different. If wasteful of fuel, at least still more sparingly than the Mitsubishi Lancer once drinking PERTAMAX can spend dozens of times,.,.

Next is Jupiter MX specification that I use:

Product Name: JUPITER MX135LC CW
Product Type: moped
Product Price: Rp. 14,910,000 or +- 1500$ usd at this time
(On The Road Prices for Jakarta and its surrounding area)


Engine type: 4 Step, SOHC, 4 valve (Berpendingin liquid)
Step x Diameter: 54.0 x 58.7 mm
Cylinder volume: 135 CC
Comparison of Compression: 10.9: 1
Max Power: 8.45 kW (11.33 HP) at 8500 rpm
Torsi Max: 11.65 N.m (1.165 kgf.m) at 5500 rpm
Pelumasan System: Wet Pelumasan
Engine Oil Capacity: The periodic 800cc
Total replacement 1000cc
Kap. Air cooling: Radiator and Engine 620cc
Recovery tank 280cc, 900cc Total
Carburettor: Mikuni VM 22 x 1, The Pilot Screw 1-5/8 round exit
Put slow engine: 1400 rpm
Engine Air Filter: Dry Type
Starter System: Motor Starter and Starter crank
Type of Transmission: 4 speed rotary type, with manual clutch

Type of frame: Diamond Frame
Suspensi Front: Telescopic Fork
Suspensi Rear: Single / Monocross
Front brake: 220 mm Cakram Tunggak
Rear brake: Tromol with Material "Non Asbestos"
Tires Front: 70/90 - 17 with Velg Racing
Rear tire: 80/90 - 17 with Velg Racing
Chain Size: 428

Front Lights: 12 Volt, 32 W / 32 W
Home sein Lights: 12 Volt, 10 W x 2 units
Sein Rear Lights: 12 Volt, 10 W x 2 units
Rem Lights: 12 Volt, 5 W / 21 W x 1 fruit
Battery: GM5Z - 3B / YB 5L-B 12 Volt 5.0 Ah
Plug / Spark Plug: NGK CPR 8 EA-9 / DENSO U-24 EPR-9
Ignition system: CDI DC
Sekring: 10 Ampere

P x L x T: 1945 mm x 705 mm x 1065 mm
Sit high place: 770 mm
Wheel distance axis: 1245 mm
Distance to Bottom Land: 140 mm
Kap. Fuel tank: 4 Liter
Fill weight: 109 kg
Empty weight: 104 kg

Cakung although the area is known as traffic jams, work I can be reached without the need to 'compete muscles' dijalan highway. I avoid road Bekasi-Pulogadung and choose alternative routes. Pertimbangannya not just a matter of congestion, but also in terms of comfort. If through alternative routes, quiet atmosphere more and more cool. I can still picture berfoto-moment or can even sport a small advance, :-).


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